Week One: Review

After two day of travel, iMentor arrives in Nairobi, via London, and Week 1 for iMentor Kenya starts off in celebration, then just keeps getting better.

Day 1
  • Even though schools are on holiday this month, there are 200 people there to greet us and the students and faculty have many surprises in store.
  • The school has constructed a computer lab for the 20 laptop computers we are handing off (they have been donated by Pfizer). These are the first operational computers the school has ever owned.
  • After we tour and computer lab, everyone gathers in a large hall for the celebration, which is mind-blowing. Students perform songs and poems and the principal and the village pastor (who is also the Board chair for the school) give speeches about the "global village" and the power of IT. Watch the video!
  • Day 1 ends with a hike into the mountains and a wonderful dinner at Jackson's ranch.
Day 2

  • Then we go back to Nairobi, to prepare for the long journey to Sereolipi, where I will meet my mentee...
Day 3

Days 4-9 (Coming Soon)

  • We travel the remaining three hours to Sereolipi, where I live with the Samburu warriors and meet my mentee...Posts, video and pictures will be up in the next few days...

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