Sera Camp, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy & BBC Mission Africa

After three nights in Sereolipi we set off just before sundown to spend the night at Sera camp, part of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. It is a wonderful two hour drive through the bush and I ride in the back of Jane's Landrover with Thomas and the three warriors we are taking with us for the journey.

Paul, Tringus and Lucas

As the sun is setting we turn a corner to find three men standing in what appears to be the middle of nowhere with walkie talkies and guns. We have arrived.

The wonderfully outfitted camp where will be spending the night was actually built as part of a BBC program called "Mission Africa." The program, think Extreme Home Makeover, followed 15 fifteen artisans from the UK (plumbers, carpenters, electricians, interior designer and architects, to name but a few of the skills) who volunteered to spend 6 weeks of their lives developing a remote but growing community conservation initiative with the Samburu. The result is the camp in which we stay, and hopefully increased attention to this part of the country. Learn more about the BBC project HERE or watch a video about Lewa HERE.

Center Camp, where we take our meals

My lodge (left) and the view from my bed (right), where elephants come to drink in the mornings...

My bed & shower...all made from materials found in the bush.

The security guard who sleeps just outside my lodge all night and the warriors cooking breakfast over a small fire the next morning.

Extreme Mike Makeover

There is a surprise for me after breakfast. The warriors come into my lodge with big smiles on their faces and begin removing pieces of jewelry.

They have decided. It is time for me to dress like a real Samburu man.

Then it is time to embark on what is quickly becoming a favorite Samburu pastime, the taking of digital pictures.
This is the first time I see Thomas in his traditional Samburu attire. Also the first time he has seen me in mine.

Then Together...

Too see all of the pictures from Lewa, click on the image below.


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