iMentor Works: What You Didn't Say

There are many amazing aspects of iMentor's program model. And one day after I leave Sereolipi, I get a shining example of one of my favorites.

While much gets said about iMentor's ability to recruit mentors who would not otherwise volunteer (81% had never served as a mentor post-college) and our ability to connect these mentors to students in communities where mentoring programs did not previously exist, we end up talking less about the power of the written word. This is truly one of the most unique and powerful components of iMentor's mentoring model.

This is why: In-person, it is not easy to say everything you want to say, or to express yourself fully to someone you have known for only a short period of time. There is something that happens when mentors and mentees sit down to write each other an email. They have time to think and reflect on what they would like to say. They have the opportunity to "compose" a message. And what comes out is a communication more fully formed, and with more depth than each pair would have been able to express in conversation.

This is obvious, of course. Think about the times you turned to a journal or wrote a letter in order to say what you really meant.

Only one day after I leave Sereolipi, I have an email from Thomas in my Inbox.

Thomas' Email
Subject: its have been good,unforgettable moment with you in -personal

Hi friend mike,

its have been days not to be forgotten in my life to be with you for five days here in Sereolipi and my homestead Ndoyno Wasin. What you have done here and visit my home will remain in my heart, soul and mind for ever. At the same time the heart of my family you have a place special for you in my family all the time. Its my hopes and believe that you have real enjoy your visit here and feel welcome again.

As usual let keep coming here all the time i hope you remember what it mean.........

More soon. I had nice rest yesterday ,more rain here. I had nice moment to show the childrens the movies through the NEW TECHNOLOGY THE PROJECTOR THE REAL LIKE , ALL THE VILLAGE LIKE IT, ITS NICE, FANTASTIC, your are hero.

Its have been a long lonely moment without you, anyway we are together via new system, the email and internet. Please my friend mike i am happy for accepting to visit us where you are not able to see your face for five day, just imagin, the bumping roads but with love you had towards as you accepted to visit. Remember I have special place in my heart which is keep marking mike. And my family were very happy to see you and greet you too.

Please let us keep our friendship keep coming,

I miss you and my eyes are itching with tears remembering more help you have given
during your visit.

We keep blessing coming ,wishing nice, best of luck in your work.

I have real learn alot from you. I send my heartfelt thanks and regards to your family. With you i have learn alot.

May God bless your journey here in Kenya. Have safe journey to Machakos, then Nairobi then Lamu. Remember i pray for your trip.

From your mentee,


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