Kyangala High School

Jackson has been working with Jane Newman, my host and guide, to identify schools for iMentor to partner with. Today he is accompanying us Kyangala High School, a high school enrolling 300 students and located another hour up and into the mountains. If Jackson knows what is in store for us, he does not let on.

This is what Jackson tells us. Jackson tells us that we are going to meet with the school principal and computer teacher. He tells us that Kenyan schools went on mid-term holiday last week, and even though students do not return until early January, that the principal was going to try to arrange for a few of them to be there to meet us. When I comment on how remote it is, that we have seen few homes along the way, Jackson tells us about the long distances students must walk to attend school and he tells us about the 4 kilometers he walks each day, to and from the Primary school where he teaches. What we know is that we are going to hand off 20 computers which have been generously donated by Pfzier. That the school has constructed a special “computer lab” to house them. That we are going to figure out strategies for how to integrate the internet and iMentor into the school's curriculum.

What follows is what Jackson does not tell us.

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